• Konsthantverk
  • The lighting company Konsthantverk is a Swedish manufacturer that has been running a uniquely artisan production line in Tyringe, in the county of Skåne, for nearly a century.

    Back in 2012, I met the people behind this company and we initiated a ground-breaking project to revamp the brand and develop a new, attractive and production-friendly range.

    I wanted to add something more sculptural to the Konsthantverk range. A product with a more defined shape that would be a striking addition to any room. I bore in mind the production methods Konsthantverk excels at, knowing that this Strapatz line would require great craftsmanship & meticulousness.

    Strapatz represents exactly what Konsthantverk stands for – Authenticity, Quality and Artisanal Precision.

    strapatz-570x570-1 strapatz-570x570-2