• Konsthantverk
  • The lighting factory Konsthantverk is a Swedish producer of light fittings with near enough 100 years worth of history. As of 2014 it is under new management. In 2012 I met the people behind the company and we started off on a revolutionary route working on revamping the brand and developing a new, attractive and production friendly range.

    The Rosdala pendant light was one of the products released in conjunction with the launch of the new brand profile at the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2014. Design language, material and the thought behind Rosdala are characteristic of Konsthantverk. The design is a tribute to Rosdala glassworks where they for many years manufactured glass for light fittings. The design vocabulary represents Konsthantverk’s new profile. Uncomplicated silhouette and timeless design. The material and quality?! This is something that simply has to be experienced hands on!