We work on design based on the client’s brand and wishes. Being receptive and listening to the client’s wishes is the foundation of our business.

Our clients can feel secure in the knowledge that the products we design can be manufactured profitably and in good quality. Knowledge and experience enable us to develop products in a cost-effective and production-friendly way. Adding value is a strong driver, and we welcome new cooperative ventures and challenges.

With a background as a designer and product developer close to production at the factories of Belid, Sabina Grubbeson has experience in how to create quality and good design while also ensuring profitability. This, together with knowledge of balance, shape and proportions, over time has resulted in a number of successful products in various cooperative ventures.

Product and industrial design

Regardless of whether it is classic, timeless design or there is a greater focus on trend, the client company’s identity and values are at the core. The products are developed with a design idiom that matches the client and feels appropriate to the time. We love mixing proven functions with innovative solutions, and like paying extra attention to the details. By carefully listening to what the customer’s circumstances and needs are, we can home in on the identity of the product from the outset.

Product range development

A product’s life cycle can be extended with the right knowledge, and careful analysis enables us to develop products profitably in the range. Our experience of work on product lines and ranges in large organisations enables us to act as a consultant and design coordinator for product and range advice.

Brand profiling

The aim in profiling the company is to strengthen the brand and implement the values it represents throughout the organisation. Focusing on the product and with an outside-in approach we devise frameworks for the identity of the brand and the message to be communicated. Following joint evaluation of the brand we can then establish clear and practical working material.

Together with a professional network, Grubbeson Design can assist with contacts and be a resource in work on developing sales material. Consistent emphasis and a clear message enable us to build brand and create trust on the part of the final customer.


To ensure that planned products will work in terms of colours and styles represented in the market, we keep ourselves constantly up-to-date on established and emerging trends. Grubbeson Design regularly attends trend seminars and has an exchange with trend researchers in Scandinavia and the rest of Europe. We offer customised trend analysis, with regard to what colours, materials and forms of expression are expected to dominate forthcoming seasons.

Pattern production

With identity-boosting patterns, fonts and graphic expression, value is added to product segments. Grubbeson Design devises patterns for existing or new products in textile, glass and other materials.